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Middle East Client - Consultant PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

As a subcontractor added to the PeopleSoft implementation team to assist with the roll-out of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. The main areas of work are Data Migration and Third Party integrations. Data Migration comprises of the more standard tasks to move data from the legacy system into PSCS. I developed the main Application Engines in the Application Designer to upload data via the Component Interfaces. This approach guarantees that all business rules are adhered by and that referential integrity in the database is maintained.

Integration is done on TimeTable+, a scheduling program, and Moodle.

An additional task is the upload and maintenance on SetUp and AS data. This data is uploaded via xl2ci.

Mango5 - Developer interfaces

Member of the IT-staff which supports the Mango5 call centre. Main tasks are the development of data interfaces to Mango5 clients. All these interfaces are built with the latest Microsoft development tools as Visual Studio 2013 and Windows Foundation Server. Depending on the system of the client different technologies are used for instance REST, WCF or FTP with CSV or XML files. Other tasks concern reporting and preparation of leads, which are all done directly on the MS SQL database.

Leiden University - Consultant Campus Solutions

Small project to convert from European based grading to US-based grading system. As all the data was live and visible for students special care was taken in a smooth and flawless transition

University of Amsterdam - Senior Consultant Campus Solutions

Member of the project team for the implementation of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions 9.0. Main task was managing the 9 person team responsible for setting up and configuring the system for the Records and Enrolment module and the Academic Advisement module. Additional tasks in the project were coaching of the data migration group, helping with business process descriptions and also assisting with synchronizing configurations in the different test environments.

This last project was being managed from South Africa via a VPN. I only occasionally needed to be physically present on site enabling me to take part in other projects.

Leiden University - Consultant Campus Solutions

Member of the project team for the implementation of Peoplesoft Campus Solutions 9.0. Responsible for the data migration from the old student information system to Peoplesoft CS. Other responsibility in the project was managing of the different test environments needed during the different stages of the implementation, including keeping the environments synchronized in respect of initial setup data.

Ministry of Environmental Affairs - Consultant/Delivery Manager

As delivery manager responsible for an application Service Desk where several document management/workflow applications were supported. At that moment the team consisted of 4 people. Also responsible for maintaining contacts with the users (ministry of economic affairs/ministry of health) and the owner of the application (ministry of environment). When necessary I wrote/changed service level agreements and wrote proposals/business requirements for new functionality of the applications.
The Service Desk was run according to ITIL standards

Due to office space constraints the service desk had to move at a certain stage. As project manager I was responsible for moving the service desk to a new location including all the necessary arrangements for the network and the uninterrupted availability of the service desk.

SenterNovem - Project Manager/Developer

As a project manager responsible for a number of functional changes to the custom made application DaVinci. This application was used by SenterNovem to authorize the shipment of waste across borders. DaVinci used Linkworks as DMS application in combination with MS-SQL. The custom made functionality of the application itself was developed in VB6.

This project was executed conforming to Prince2 standards.

As a project manager responsible for a pilot project in collaboration with SenterNovem to give customers access via a web interface to the DMS system. As a result of the pilot project several changes were applied to the web interface. As of the 1st of September 2007 all customers could apply for access to the DMS system. New procedures for the service desk were implemented to be able to handle calls from external customers.

The last project was a project to migrate all the data from the old document management system (Linkworks) to a new document management system (Livelink). All the app. 5,000,000 documents with their meta-data was migrated to Livelink. This project was conducted in close cooperation with Capgemini (the main contractor for the rollout of the new application)

RIVM - Project Manager

As a project manager responsible for the extension of the custom made application GITS, which was used by RIVM for the authorization of the use of genetic modified organisms. The main goal of the project was to enhance functionality in the custom build software

In a next project new functionality became necessary when new EU-regulations came into effect regarding genetic modified organisms. The changes were made in de DMS application LinkWorks, the custom made part in VB6 and a number of changes in the MS-SQL database.

Both projects were executed conforming Prince2 standards

Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut - Standardization Consultant

Worked at the publishing department of NEN as Standardization Consultant. In the beginning the work was primarily internal quality control. As a tool BASIS (currently known as Livelink-ECM Collections Server) was used. Within this database I developed software to monitor progress and other tools for workflow management. Was part of the project team for the introduction of the DMS-software Livelink from OpenText. I worked in several small projects to make the transition possible from a totally paper environment to an environment with electronic documents within the publishing department. Managed a project to introduce a printing-on-demand system which was coupled to the inventory system. After two years it was decided to outsource this activity. I managed the project to move this activity to another location, including procedures and data transfer.