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Jos de Vast

Veteran Systems Analyst and Software Programmer Jos de Vast relocated from Holland to South Africa's Cape Province, bringing with him 20 years of experience in addressing multiple challenges within the Dutch Information Technology arena.

“The advantage of my particular field is that I am able to share my knowledge and skills with clients around the world, regardless of where I'm based,” says the veteran IT consultant.

“I am currently as a subcontractor added to a project team to assist with the roll-out of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. My main areas for this project are Data Migration and Integration with Third Party software. The two main software integrations are Moodle and TimeTable+, a class scheduling program. The client is a university in the Middle-East. As I have never worked here before, I believe it is a valuable addition to my international work experience. Doing an implementation of an ERP is already a challenge, doing it in a cultural environment that is not your own gives you extra experience. All this experience will be beneficiary for the next client.”

Now based in the beautiful winelands of the Boland region, DeVast IT Solutions is well-placed to contribute knowledge, stature and a dynamic range of hands-on skills to diverse institutions, organisations and corporations.